Display advertising is a great tool to get your brand in front of potential buyers when they're browsing their favorite sites. You buy display ads through ad servers which use data on someone's recent search and click history to automatically determine the website and user to show a particular ad to. Super simple and specific.



Getting Started

You can build, post, manage and track ads on Google Display Network, which also ranks your ad quality to determine how visible it is on the pages it appears.

Pick good imagery. Use images that are either your own or from your ad server in order to win user attention and clicks.

Make it obvious. Think about where users should click and what happens when they do. Does the link take the to your homepage or directly to a product page?

Track your clicks and conversions. If you never get clicks from a particular site, you can exclude it; if a particular site and ad wins you a lot of conversions, you might wan to increase how much you spend on that ad.


Pro tips:

Wide reach - Google's Display Network can reach over two million websites.

Easily targeted - By both context (ads are intended to appear on related sites) and audience (who've shown interest in what you're selling).

Eye-catching - You can create simple text or image-based ads, use video, or build interactive ads in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Lack of control - You have to trust your ad server to choose where to place you ad, plus you have ad-blockers to content with.

In terms of cost, you'll usually pay either:
• Per thousand impressions
• Cost-per-acquisition
• Cost-per-click



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