Having a great social media presence is a prerequisite for this one. If you're already writing brilliant content that shows off what your brand is all about, paying to promote posts can get them into the news feeds of people who aren't following you yet. If you happen to be active on the lesser-used Google+ (which all companies should be, as it boosts search ranking), it's sponsored +Post ads let you embed a call-to-action, like a Buy Now button.

Here's how you can target your audience on different networks:
• Facebook - Through interests they've marked.
• Twitter - Through user networks.
• LinkedIn - Through job descriptions.

"We don't have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it."

- Erik Qualman



Getting Started

• Choose the social network where your buyer personas are, and always optimise and test your content.

• You may want to create a post around a new offer or simply word it to attract users to your page.

• Do a 'dry-run' - try out your offer or call-to-action as an ordinary post and see what your style and wording attracts the most likes, shares and comments before putting money behind them.

• Start with simple image or video posts and track how many clicks and follows you get, before moving into the more complex and expensive formats, like multi-image carousel or canvas ads. Check out Canva's post for nondesigners on creating beautiful social images.

Pro tips:

• Cheap - Cost-per-click can start out as little as 5 cents.

• Effective - Facebook ads can have a click-through rate up to nine times higher than banner ads on other sites.

• Easy - You can have a campaign up and running in just a couple of clicks.

• Community management - Be prepared to deal with comments, and keep in mind that some users can find business messaging in social spaces annoying and disruptive. So you content needs to be respectful of that difference. 


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