IGTV is Instagram's newest platform for long-form video.

This feature allows creators, Instagram's most affluent users and brands to post video content to their page. While IGTV is still relatively new, national brands are already looking for ways to leverage the feature to their advantage. Instagram hosted an insane number of users before this new feature, so they're hoping it will encourage people to spend even more time on the app.

IGTV is different from Instagram stories because you are able to have a completely separate channel, solely dedicated to videos, where their videos can be stored within their account. IGTV can also be used on its own app separately from Instagram - which focuses on the use of vertical video, which isn't largely suggested on competitor channels such as YouTube and Facebook.


What does IGTV mean for businesses?

Because Instagram is so popular with so many different age demographics, IGTV is just another platform brands can use to their advantage to connect with their audiences. Instagram is currently pushing IGTV by adding notifications for new videos in your feed, and giving it priority over normal posts within the app. Because of that, an IGTV post will be at the top of your user's feed with a visible notification, which is helpful for brand recognition and top-of-mind awareness.

Regardless of whether this new platform will beat YouTube at its own game, it will definitely do well for the time being, based solely on the consistent success of Instagram.

According to Hubspot

"If you can get ahead of the trend and roll with the punches, you could potentially win big. Even if this new feature doesn't rise to expectations, you'll learn something by jumping on the bandwagon."

We don't foresee YouTube going out of style anytime soon, but isn't it interesting that both Instagram and Facebook have begun to tap into the video platform, which they were originally unfamiliar with, to try and gain the momentum YouTube created? Interesting. 



Example of a Brand Using IGTV Successfully












Airbnb was one of the first top brands to start using IGTV. They are using it to promote places they promote through their site through educational videos about the specific location.




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