Although Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media sites, many businesses are still not using it. This is mostly due to myths and misunderstandings about who uses the site and how it works. Even people who have Instagram accounts often have some erroneous ideas about it. So make sure you don't let these 4 myths about Instagram stop you from making money from it!

1. Instagram Isn't for Business

This is one of the most harmful myths about Instagram, as it prevents businesses from even thinking of using it for marketing. Like the myth about age, this belief is less true every day. In fact, now there are several ways to use the site for marketing. Everyone knows that Facebook has advertising. Even if you're not in business, you're inundated with ads every time you log on. Although Instagram's advertising is, so far, low-key, it's growing fast. In fact, there are more than one million advertisers on the site. This, however, is still a relatively small number compared to Facebook, meaning that it's still a good opportunity to get in early. Aside from direct advertising, marketers use other tactics such as buying "shoutouts" from Instagram influencers. 

2. Instagram is Only for Millennials

Many businesses that don't cater to millennials or younger users think that Instagram isn't worth using. There's a grain of truth to this belief, as Instagram does have, on average, a young audience. However, savvy business owners and marketers understand that this is just the trajectory of new trends. Facebook started out as a young and hip social media platform. Now, many younger users are abandoning it because it's old and stodgy! Instagram currently has about 150 million daily users, covering every age range. Some research indicates that older Instagram users are the most receptive to advertising. It's also very likely that as Instagram continues to grow, older users will flock to it. This means that if you're targeting middle-age or older customers, Instagram is a largely untapped opportunity that you shouldn't overlook!

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3. You Need a Visually Stunning Product

If you scroll down a typical Instagram feed, you're likely to see lots of cute animals, delicious looking meals, scenic locations and, of course, lots of attractive selfies. This makes it easy to believe that Instagram only works if you have an eye-catching product. This, however, isn't the case. Instagram audiences do appreciate captivating visuals but that doesn't mean you need pretty or photogenic products. If you're marketing something dry, abstract, or "boring" (e.g. finance, B2B marketing, parts for machinery), find ways to make it compelling. Nothing stops you from using beautiful scenery, cute animals, funny memes, or personalized photos of you or your place of business.

4. It's Too Hard to Link to Your Website

One thing that stops some businesses from marketing on Instagram is that you can't include hyperlinks in your posts. This, however, needn't stop you from enjoying the many benefits of Instagram marketing. There are a few ways around this. You can include website links in your profile. In your posts, remember to send people to your profile, where you can include a live link. Another option is to buy a short and memorable domain name (if necessary, redirect your current website or landing page to this domain). Then, in your Instagram posts, you can tell people to "visit my store at" It's not a live link but it's easy for people to remember and type in. Finally, Instagram is starting to allow links in some of its features, such as ads and Instagram Stories. As the site grows and attracts more businesses, more options will likely open up. Perhaps even regular posts will permit links in the near future. But until then, you can still get around this issue.

Instagram is now one of the most important and popular social media sites. Any type of business can use it to engage with their customers and build their brand. Don't let any of the above myths stand in your way... Start taking pics, share you images and get out there!




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